Graphic Design and Imaging

Graphic design, print design:

We create logos and images in accordance with your requirements.
Colours, fonts, photos, images.

Form is as important as content.

You are the one to choose and we help you to make the best choice. When it comes to designing your newsletters, brochures, flyers, annual reports or stationery, we really know how to draw the line!

Our creative department offers an impressive array of deluxe desktop publishing services, including creative layout and design. We offer image scanning and many forms of output, such as film and colour copying. We are your pre-press professionals.


H & R Graphics Limited staff are happy to work with you

We will correct the odd mistake or oversight without penalizing you. We're
not here to "trap" or trick you into paying more than our quoted price.
There is no surcharge for making a single minor change or correction
prior to a proof being sent out. We don't penalize you for a missing
font or image - although this will extend the production time

Surcharges may apply when customers make multiple change requests,
request changes after a proof has been generated or repeatedly upload
customer changed files. Our rates are $60 per hour with a $30 minimum
per incident and are charged to cover the time required for extra
work outside of our normal work flow. Customers are always notified
in advance before surcharges are applied.






















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