Up to 5 colours High-Quality Printing

Up to 5 Colours High-Quality Printing
We provide full colour printing from most common desktop publishing
files created on either PC or MAC. We accept Adobe Acrobat (PDF),
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Quark Xpress

FREE Digital Proof in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

We can also work with files created by other software programs, as
long as they have been converted to TIFF, JPEG or EPS format.
Our pre-press department carefully reviews every customer file we
receive. A pre-press professional will call if there are any concerns
with the files, images, or layout. Once a customer's files are
processed, we prepare and e-mail a FREE Digital Proof in Adobe
Acrobat PDF format.

H & R Graphics Limited produces high-quality, low-cost colour
printing from any graphics file.


We want you to be delighted with our printing! We will complete your project in accordance with industry-wide trade standards for colour and registration. Since monitor calibration varies widely, we run to uniform ink levels and a "pleasing colour" standard. This guarantee does not cover customer errors like incorrect copy or poor photography, so be sure to check your proof carefully. You can be assured that we want your job to look its very best!































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